Custom Animated .GIF Services for Clients

Now offering you custom animated .gif files. I came across this idea courtesy of David Kneller who liked the Google + animation created from a similar set of photos that animate a subject in motion. For example, below is the inspired series.

The pictures used to create this .gif were not used with a tripod or the intention to create an animation. However, now that I know I can offer this service, we can choose to do a set of photos like this where I will set up a tripod for the stability of the environment. In David’s animated .gif below, I had to rotate, crop, and resize the layers to get them to match. Although, this “fix” was not perfect due to the fact that I had zoomed in and out, may have stepped over and tilted the camera slightly.

Price for these images are included in the photo session fee and can be purchased at the normal digital download price of $10.00.


Monica O. Krause

Monica O. Krause is a Photographer specializing, but not limited to, Equines. She loves horses and photography. So she knows what to look for when it comes to capturing the right moments between horse and rider. She enjoys transforming your moments into photography art that you love. Connect with her on Facebook.