Monica O. Krause

Monica loves to inspire others not only to ride, but to educate themselves and train horses… and of course, taking photographs of the amazing Equus ferus caballus and their human partners.

Often, she finds herself torn between the choice of either participating as a rider with her mustang in the weekend Clinic or focus on capturing important photographs of the event for the host and attendees.

As a practiced and educated equestrian and with the aid of having a natural and practiced eye for art, Krause captures the most beautiful and key moments.

She loves documenting equine events with her photography skills and preserving the beauty of you and your horse, or otherwise :^)

About Photographer: Monica O. Krause

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Monica O. Krause

Monica O. Krause is a Photographer specializing, but not limited to, Equines. She loves horses and photography. So she knows what to look for when it comes to capturing the right moments between horse and rider. She enjoys transforming your moments into photography art that you love. Connect with her on Facebook.